Accessibility Standards

What is Accessibility?

502 Bad Gateway with options to "surf" the web based on the tools available for productivity.  For students with disabilities that may include tools known as "assistive technology."

  • Screen reader software  for users with visual impairments
  • Screen enlarger software for users with low vision
  • Text to voice software programs for users with learning disabilities
  • Speech recognition software for users with mobility impairments
  • Input devices such as trackballs and other ergonomic furniture enhancements

502 Bad Gateway

pages can be frustrating for the most savvy user of the Internet.  Frustration leads to closing the website or incomplete information gathering if the site is used for instructional purposes.  Participation in today's society is through the exchange of information and flexible presentation of that information, which is critical to one's success.

Web Accessibility Standards

Santa Barbara City College supports the principle of "Universal Design" which promotes